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Damn, this was a cool return. Shame to see Tricky in his ghostly skeletal less intimidating form tho,...

I really like the animation and music but what was the point on making a shorty short about the Simpsons Butterfinger?

IvanAlmighty responds:

It's this weird joy I derive from the absurd concept of making a cartoon about simpsons butterfingers commercials, it's absolutely senseless to pay homage to that kind of media without taking the piss out of it.

The animation is dope as hell! Fast and punchy, flashy and dynamic. Pretty good choreography too! Also, having a pixelated line style was a really clever choice, making you able to shift from full animation to sprite sheet based animation seamlessly, even if this style choice doesn't seem to fit any context of the series so far. Story is bad, it's a generic shonen with no original ideas, committing nearly every sin right in the beginning. It's exactly the type of stuff Girlchan made fun of, really long exposition to very specific element's of the powers and world etc before even having characters and setting established, revenge story, MC that talks to himself enough times to be confused for a schizophrenic, and was there a time skip I didn't notice? (really, how the hell did he learn to unleash all that power when just before he couldn't create a spec of fire?)

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Really awesome style and execution! The only thing I dont like is that the dudes start shooting you immediately once you are on their field of vision with no stopping...

aaaa Nice, wish could have been apart of it.

how do you do anything it just shows a frozen image

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hacked indeed!

DanJohansen responds:

BinaryDood arrives on the Binary scene!

Drifting through endless sighs of darkness and chaos abound, a hero, finding shine within his own darkened soul, by the outside torment, awakens lost inner might and is given the power of gods to extinguish the bringers of havoc. Against the current of infinite torment and destruction, the hero slashes with the might of a thousand divine dragons, piercing time-space itself. creating a dimensional rift of infinite dazzling light where all dark is simultaneously sucked into and expelled out of.

That (times 100) is this song.

DanJohansen responds:

The most epic review of all time! That is some intense writing man haha, damn!

Status of reality: DESTROYED!!!

DanJohansen responds:

Destruction confirmed! Humanity was set back 200 years.

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damn Cypress

is this for a new MMO

this is a good drawing Tom Fulp!

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