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Bal Harbor

2017-07-01 14:57:36 by BinaryDood

So i helped making the new Tory Lane music video. I did the backgrounds.




2017-05-17 14:58:41 by BinaryDood

theses shonens are getting cray cray!




2016-05-25 16:37:53 by BinaryDood


No Commissions...

2013-04-24 07:48:53 by BinaryDood

... For a while...

I lost my email, cant acess to it.

I'm switching all my stuff to a diferent email, you'll have to wait.


2013-04-20 15:27:27 by BinaryDood

I'm open for commissions, if you desire for me to draw something for you.

I'll mostly draw characters with simple backgrounds, but if you wish for something more complicated, we can talk about it until we establish something. Considering the price may vary (or be refuse if it's too complicated and ambicious).

Anyway, normal commission are prices are done this way:

- A simple sketch is 5 dollars or equivalent

- A linework and colored drawing is 15 dollars or equivalent

- A grayscale painting is 10 dollars or equivalent

- A slightly detailed colored digital painting is 20 dollars or equivalent

When I accept your commission, you should get it up until 5 days.

Email me using this address:

Paypal ONLY!

I can also do backgrounds or other additional art for a cartoon or a similar project, but the payment would have to be discussed considering how much I would have to do.

I'll draw anything for you baby <3 anything <3


check this

2013-04-04 19:22:58 by BinaryDood


Suicide Note

2013-01-31 14:34:09 by BinaryDood


2013-01-18 10:41:56 by BinaryDood


2013-01-03 15:40:46 by BinaryDood

screw you all

New Series

2013-01-02 12:18:09 by BinaryDood

It's called Everet's Utube Ventures and HOPEFULLY it'll be a daily show.

It's really just for me to get used to flash, craping one of the these a day, without taking much time so I can spend some it doing my digital paintings.

But anyway it's just for fun, I just voice random crap in one sitting without editing anything and then animate. However, this being a quick show, I want people to say what's going to happen next. TUMBS UP KOMMENTS HURR DUR DUR

yes, watch it, hate it, flag it, and I die ont he streets